Mason | I am ONE.

I am so behind! But you have to start somewhere right? And no better place to start than with a session with one of my most favorite little boys, Mason! 

We wanted to do something a little different for Mason's first birthday shoot so we decided why not take some pictures while we were in Boston! Genius!

We decided were hoping to make it onto the field during a stadium tour but someone over slept, cough Mason cough. 

But I loved all the history and the fact we were able to get seats in the old stadium seats was even better. 

Enjoy! And happy birthday my little boy! 

Mason's shirt - courtesy of Hatcher Press 
 Thanks so much for the wonderful quality and totally cute shirt. 
We love it!! (And wear it more times a week than it gets wasted? Oops!) 

Check out Hatcher Press' and leave them some love! 

Check out my person blog here for Mason's first birthday letter. 


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